WATERPOLO – 1st Grade, 2nd Grade

NOTE: Please confirm fixtures with your school Sportsmaster
1st Grade
N v SAC @ N; Kn v J @ Kn; B v S @ REAC; I v Bye
2nd Grade
N v SAC @ N; T v H @ T; I v E @ I; Kn v J @ Kn; K v C @ Kn; B v S @ REAC; W v Bye



GPS – E – Shore, H – Sydney Boys High School, I – Saint Ignatius’ College, J – St Joseph’s College K – The King’s School, N – Newington College, S – The Scots College
CAS – Barker (B), Cranbrook (C), Knox (Kn), Trinity (T), St Aloysius’ (SAC), Waverley (W)
ISA – St Andrews Cathedral School (SACS), Reddam House (R)
REAC – Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre