Cricketers and GPS

Please click on the links below to read some fascinating accounts of Cricketers who attended GPS schools over the years.

These have been researched and compiled by current AAGPS President, Mr James Rodgers, Saint Ignatius’ College, long-time GPS Cricket Coach and mentor, as well as a tireless supporter and contributor to GPS Cricket and other GPS sports programs for over 40 years.

Armstrong, John Nicholas Fraser of SHORE

Aspinall, Captain William Robert, MC of TSC

Barton, Lieutenant Robert Anthony of SHORE

Broughton, Captain Norman Walford DSO of SGS

Clarke, Major Gother Robert Carlisle MB ChM of SHORE

Clifford Dawson Bob Holliday of NC

Colquhuon, Percy Brereton of NC

Delohery, Lieutenant Henry Charles Morriset of SGS

Faithfull, Henry Montague (Monty) of TKS

Gissane, William Cooper of SIC

Gregg, Sir Norman McAlister of SGS

Harris, Captain John of SGS

Holliday, Clifford Dawson Bob Holliday of NC

Leggo, Gunner Eric Neal Clamp Leggo of SGS AND NC

MacLaurin, Lt Colonel Henry Normand of SGS

Manning, Jack of SIC and SGS

McAdam Francis Victor of SJC

Mitchell, Alan, David of TKS

Muir, Lieutenant Alexander Roxburgh MC of NC

Slade, Lieutenant Elliott Darcy of SBHS

Taylor, John Morris Taylor of NC

Street, Geoffrey Austin of SGS

Verge, Captain Arthur (Johnnie) of TKS

Walker, Captain John Stuart Dight, MC of SGS

Watson, Andrew Dougald of SBHS





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