Premiership History

1988 NC NC TKS A Hunt (SHS)
1989 NC TKS TKS A Hunt (SHS)
1990 TKS TKS SJC A Hunt (SHS)
1991 TKS TKS TKS A Degnan (SJC)
1992 SGS Shore TKS S Smith (SJC)
1993 Shore NC SJC M Lutze  (SJC)
1994 Shore Shore Shore O Dharma-Ratne (NC)
1995 NC SHS Shore C Macleod (Shore)
1996 TSC Shore SHS M.J. Lyons (TSC)
1997 TSC Shore Shore L McSpeerin (Shore)
1998 TSC SIC Shore M. D. Lyons (TSC)
1999 NC Shore SJC M.D. Lyons (TSC)
2000 Shore NC SJC S Hall (TKS)
2001 NC SIC SIC S Hall (TKS)
2002 SIC SIC NC D Deverman (NC)
2003 NC SIC TKS T Fulton (NC)
2004 NC NC NC J Purcell (SGS)
2005 NC SIC SGS J Purcell  (SGS)
2006 Shore SIC NC M Todd (TKS)
2007 TKS SIC SIC L Ridings (NC)
2008 SGS TSC TKS J Johnston (SIC)
2009 NC SGS TSC M Todd (TKS
2010 TSC SGS TKS M Todd (TKS)
2011 Shore TSC NC R MacDonald (SHORE)
2012 Shore TKS TKS R MacDonald (SHORE)
2013 NC TSC TSC P Elliot (NC) & T Spehr (S)
2014 NC TSC TSC E Goddard (SHORE)
2015 NC SHS TSC E Trippas (SHORE)
2016 SGS NC SBHS E Trippas (SHORE)
2017 SGS TSC TSC C Doherty (SIC)
2018 NC SBHS SGS E Metcalf (SGS)
2019 TSC TKS SGS T Davies (SGS) & A Beer (NC)

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