GPS Cross Country Results 2019

Waverley & St Aloysius Opens Trial 1 Final Results

Waverley & St Aloysius Intermediate Trial 1 Final Results

Waverley & St Aloysius Junior Trial 1 Final Results

Barker Competition 1

Barker Opens Final Results

Barker Intermediate Final Results

Barker Junior Final Results

Riverview Competition 2

Final Result Opens Riverview

Final Result Intermediate Riverview

Final Result Junior Riverview

Scots Competition 3

Final Results Opens Scots

Final Results Intermediate Scots

Final Results Junior Scots

Knox Competition 4

Final Results Opens race Knox

Final Results Intermediate race Knox

Final Results Junior race Knox

Shore Competition 5

Final Results Opens race Shore

Final Results Intermediate race Shore

Final Results Junior race Shore

Kings Relay (Trial 2)

Kings Relay Final results 2019

St Joseph’s Competition 6

Final results Open race Joeys

Final results Intermediate race Joeys

Final results Junior race Joeys

Trinity Relay (Trial 3)


Cranbrook Competition 7    incl. (GPS vs CAS race)

Cross Country Results CAS vs GPS 2019

Provisional results Opens race Cranbrook v.2

Provisional results Intermediate race Cranbrook v.4

Provisional results Junior race Cranbrook v.2

Sydney Boys High  Comp 8     (GPS Championship)

Provisional Results Open race High v.2

Provisional results Intermediate race – High

Provisional results Junior race – High


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