GPS Football Trophies

The official GPS Football (Soccer) competition commenced in 1988. The name was changed from “Soccer” to “Football” in 2006.

The Trophy for 1st Grade – Wanderers’ Cup for AAGPS Soccer – was presented by The King’s School to mark the first game of Soccer in Australia between The King’s School and The Gentlemen Wanderers played in Parramatta on 14 August 1880.
It was first presented in 1988.

The Trophy for 2nd Grade – GPS 2nd Soccer XI Premiership Shield – was presented by St.Joseph’s College to the AAGPS.
It was first awarded in 1988.

The GPS ‘Plate’ competition commenced in 2015. There is a ‘Plate’ trophy awarded to the winning 1st XI and 2nd XI school. The competition comprises two Pools of four schools playing three preliminary Rounds. The schools are ranked after these Rounds and the top two schools of each Pool play a final for the ‘Plate’.


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